Why Remove Hardness and Iron From Your Water?

Problem Water Checklist:

Do your spotty dishes embarrass you?
Are your white clothes a dingy gray?
Do you have rusty water?
Does your water smell like rotten eggs?
Do you have dry, itchy skin?
Is every day a bad hair day?

Cleaner KidsDepending on the area in which you live, your water quality might not be of the quality you desire for bathing, laundering, cooking, cleaning or drinking. It might taste or smell bad, stain your plumbing fixtures, or be so hard that it leaves mineral deposits. No matter where you live, your water will probably need to be treated in some way to be of the highest quality for all uses. It is simple and economical to improve the quality of your water at the point of entry to your home.

Hanson Soft Water Offers Free In-Home Water Analysis

Cleaner DishesWhen our sales specialist first comes to your home or office at the scheduled appointment, expect individualized, personal attention. Unlike our competition, we know that ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. The size of a conditioner is determined by a variety of things:

  • Size of the home
  • Size of the plumbing
  • Quality of water
  • Number of people residing in the dwelling
  • Number of guests who will visit, etc.

Cleaner LaundryNext our sales representative will conduct a water analysis test. We test for hardness, iron, sulfur, Ph and tannins. This five-minute test will determine both the proper equipment, and its correct size.

Thank you for the service. . .
Hanson has provided me. I'm the customer who brought in a control valve for new spacers and seals this past summer. After I reinstalled the valve, I had VERY hard water. I bought in a sample to the shop, where one of your staff tested it and determined that something was wrong.

When I spoke to you later that week, you promised to send out a tech to look things over. According to my wife, Gary was very thorough and methodical, and didn't stop until the problem was rectified. . .

I am not prone to writing a lot of letters, except in extraordinary circumstances. You should be proud of the service you've authorized, and equally proud of the work of your service staff.

Thank you.

- Jeffrey Z. - Hales Corners, WI