Hanson TAM 9500Hanson TAM 9500


  • Fleck 9500 Control
    A 1.5" precision motor-driven valve made of high quality brass for a long and durable life.

  • Resin Tanks
    Two non-corrosive fiberglass tanks with a 150 psi working pressure and a working temperature of 120°F NSF and UL approval.

  • Brine Tank
    Made of high density polyethylene for strength and lasting durability.

  • Softening Media
    High capacity ion exchange resin with excellent chemical and physical stability.

  • Brine System
    The brine refill is automatically controlled by the time clock to provide the correct amount of brine for each regeneration.

  • Regeneration
    Regeneration is initiated when a present volume of water is reached. At that time, the system automatically switches tanks and the depleted tank goes into immediate regeneration. Once completed the tank goes into standby mode.