Hanson 5600

Hanson 5600Metered and Non-Metered

  • Click here for the 5600 Service Manual.

  • Seamless glass filled noryl valve body assures durability and long life.
  • A single motor drives rugged %" plastic to plastic gears without the problems of springs, microswitches or solenoids.
  • The heart of this six-cycle control is a self cleaning teflon coated piston. It is hydraulically balanced to equalize pressure on both sides of the piston, allowing it to shift smoothly regardless of water pressure. Large plastic spacers and rubber seals protect the piston from sediment in water and improve service flow rates.
  • Salt dial provides accurate salting each regeneration and can be easily adjusted to your family needs.
  • The Hanson Metered Series uses this mechanical meter to accurately register the gallons of conditioned water used. This benefit saves up to 50% in salt and additional savings on sewer taxes. To program it. the water hardness is matched to the number of people in the family.
  • In addition the Hanson Series has a cycle readout on the front of the controller indicating which position the control is in - ex., service, backwash, brine, etc. Because of its modular design, there are no special tools required for service.

  • Durable Fiberglass Mineral Tank for rust and corrosion free service. National Sanitation Foundation Approved.
  • 1.050" High Flow Distribution System for minimal pressure loss.
  • Hi-Capacity Cation Resin has uniform and stable resin beads assuring long life and maximum soft water.
  • Safety Brine Valve acts as a secondary shut-off in case of a power failure. In-Line Filter Screen prevents any insoluble materials from being drawn into the control valve.
  • High Density Polyethylene Brine Tank has exceptional environmental stress crack properties. eliminating cracking and minimizes bulging.
  • Solid One-Piece Polypropylene Salt Grid allows insoluble materials to settle out.