Water Softener Installation

Once it is determined what system you will need, then we can determine where a water softener will be installed. Typically they will be installed in your basement or a utility room. Most homes today are pre-plumbed so that the water softener will treat all the water inside the home and leave hard water to the outside faucets.

One thing we cannot sell is aesthetics. What one person will drink another will not. If you have iron or odors in your water, you may need to install the Iron Curtain filtration system to work in conjunction with your water softener. You also have the options to install a Microline Reverse Osmosis system. This system will give you bottle quality water at your kitchen sink and to your refrigerator.

Our licensed installers will take the time necessary to assure you of a proper water softener installation. This includes following all local plumbing codes and flushing the plumbing lines in well water applications that have iron or rust build-ups. The installers will explain the equipment and re-test the water to make sure the equipment is working. You have the option of purchasing or renting our equipment. If you are going to live in your home for more tan 4 years it would be advantageous for you to purchase the system. Whether you decide to purchase or rent a water softener, you must maintain the proper level of salt in your brine tank. Should you feel that the water is not soft, call our or e-mail us.

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30AM to 4:30PM at 262-251-8740. We have a 24 hour answering service should you need to reach us for emergency service. In many cases we can assist you over the phone. Service call are expensive, however with proper care you water softener should last you 20-30 years with only one or two service call during that time.